2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer RS a BOOM or BUST?

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer RS a BOOM or BUST? guys what's your rating from rady's rides I'm back here at Dimmick Chevrolet in sunny Clearwater Florida because guess what we have it and we have. It first this is the all-new 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer RS but before we dive into the new Trailblazer let's talk a little bit of history about this SUV from Chevrolet. Trailblazer first hit the streets back in 1999 those early generations of the Trailblazer so much different than what we, see here not only in size but also in performance and capabilities now I know there's a lot of people who are, those devoted fans that have their heart broken after seeing the new Trailblazer unveiled at the LA Auto Show that we, brought to you here on, radius rides but now it's time to really get into the meat of it really get behind the, wheel and see if this new Trailblazer is gonna be a success for Chevrolet now where does this fall in their lineup because it seems like Chevrolet. Has a ton of SUVs and crossover SUVs this is gonna fall in between the tracks and the Chevrolet Equinox one thing is for certain bringing, back this name they're trying to evoke some of that excitement and really bring a value, to the smaller crossover SUV segment so let's go ahead dive into this all-new 2021 Trailblazer crossover SUV you'll notice right off the bat much smaller. Than the original Trailblazer I'm a little disappointed I really felt like this could have been Chevrolet's big moment GM's big moments. Since they let us down with the, Blazer and not making that a full off-road vehicle this could have been the offeror vehicle to go after especially with, the Bronco hitting dealerships very very soon but let's see what we're looking like styling wise almost looks like a baby version of the current Blazer so you're gonna have your LED. Daytime running lamps up top you work. Your way down you have your headlight design that unique split setup that was seen on the Blazer and. You know what it also has some styling cues from the Chevrolet Camaro as crazy as that sounds you can see the projector beam style headlight in there you have a little bit of fake vent.

Area which I'm gonna sang nothing too bad.

Too big and it's gloss black and it's not that crazy but still gonna Zonk it because they could have just left this nice and smooth I think, that would have been a cleaner look drop down you do have very very small slim LED fog lamps down below and a little, bit of flat black looks very tasteful we. Come across the center section and this is where we're getting a. Lot of that styling similarities between this and the bigger blazer and of course the Chevrolet Camaro so you're up top you do have this is all solid fake vent, so kind of disappointed there we're gonna Zonk that but you do have. That blacked out Chevrolet bow-tie we work our way down this is where you have the functionality to bring air into that radiator, and intercooler yes this does have a turbocharged engine RS remember that stands for rally sport when you see RS on a Chevrolet product that is an, appearance package there's no actual extra performance from an RS standpoint but. One thing is for certain this scarlet red fits this Trailblazer to a tee we keep working, our way down one of my favorite parts is this lower splitter area kind of tucked in if you notice it's got and I don't know if Tom could show this. Off it's got this faux carbon-fiber weave. To it going on it actually almost looks like real carbon fiber when you take a quick glance at it but really aggressive at the. Front end of the business and when we go up onto the hood you'll notice you have some, black chrome accent I like the darker chrome rather than something bright and shiny we get up onto the hood very very unique body lines so we have a raised here that, goes towards the a pillar another one on the other side and in the center a nice faint rays which. Kind of disappears as you get about midway to. The hood now when we come around the bend what are we working with wheel and tires set up on this RS this is. What you get with the RS package you're getting these up graded wheels this is an 18-inch wheel machined aluminum gloss black 225 on the width and it's a 55.

A nice. Meaty 55 series sidewall you can see how the flat black fender flare comes around the whole treatment it does get a little, bit thicker at the top I think this is pretty much the law where they you need to draw the line if this would have went, any higher it would have been a little too much flat black plastic but I'm glad that they brought it from the front all. The way around going into the fender you can see a the belt line gets picked. Up right here and that's gonna run down most of.

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