2021 Kia Seltos SX

2021 Kia Seltos SX guys we're already from rady's rides I'm back here at one of my undisclosed locations because once again we have it this is the all-new 2021 kia cell tous this one's the SX trim which is the top trim with, all-wheel drive but before we get into this let's talk a little bit about what's going on with kia. Kia is riding, a wave a tidal wave of success with their telluride that midsize three row SUV what they want to do is they want to bring some of, that success to the rest of their lineup lots of changes coming with their SUVs, this sell tous is one of them it slots in between the soul and the Sportage all new what's fascinating is they've actually had this vehicle on sale in India already, for a year but the one for the United States has some. Certain touches that are unique just for us which I'll definitely point out to you now I know I've, already reviewed this vehicle when we were invited to the press launch for the SEL. Toast but now that I have it for a week as my press wheat vehicle it's been almost seven days I want to kind of talk about what has life been like. Living with the kiyose L toes during that time period let's go ahead dive in and see, what's so unique about this SUV now the size of it. It's actually sitting on the same chassis as the Honda Kona but what's awesome is it's actually a little bit larger they did some really great magic over at Kia especially when we, get to the interior but when from a styling standpoint really stands out first of all we. Have that unique cellto signature color it's called star Brite I think it fits it to a tee the personality very versatile but also a lot. Of fun we got full LED, headlights on it on the SX trim you got your LED daytime running lamps I love this split level design they got going. On here really helps it stand out of course you got your turn signals because I have the hazards on all LED we dropped down you're gonna have. Your LED fog lamps great news is nothing fake on the front end of this vehicle we come across. That signature grille if that tiger nose grill a little bit squeeze in the center flat black love the design also love the way that, this is opened underneath it really gives, it a nice rug look and so unique you're not gonna find another vehicle that looks like the cell cell tous I also I'm digging this nice textured design that starts on the top of the. Grille here and actually goes all the way around the headlight housing with the. Trim now as we drop down this. Portion is unique to the United States if you look at a cell toast from India has a totally different front fascia what. They did was they wanted to give you more ground clearance so we got a lot of ground clearance which, is great the flat silver gives it that off-road SUV look look very very unique on, the styling now when we get up onto the hood you got the Kia badge love the body lines it's real nice j-hook design in the body line kind of has it curved right towards. The a pillar on both sides personality is really the name of the game especially in this class subcompact SUV has a, lot of competition and believe it or not with the way that this one is proportioned, it could even go up against the rav4 from Toyota which is a compact SUV now coming around. The bend you see how the headlight housing comes into the fender treatment we got some flat black and then these wheels are. Specific to the SX trim so it's an 18 inch wheel machined aluminum nice look with the dark gray, to 235 on the width 45 series sidewall plenty, of room in between the top of the tire and the inside the fender on the fender they, do put a very bold all-wheel-drive badge I am gonna Zonk that I wish they would just save that for the back I think that would just kind of clean, up the side fender view of this cell tous SX trim you're gonna get gloss black mirror caps very slim and trim on the LED, turn signals also this one. Has the optional two-tone setup so you can get the blacked-out roof starts with the a-pillars goes into the roof and I think what's great is is it if you look at the way that the roof. Is designed very similar to the big Telluride that nice squared off look, I think fits it great you're gonna have your roof rails a little bit of silver a little bit of flat black you could get your, crossbars and what's great is I'm 6 feet tall think about it you, could get your your your gear up there real easy whether it's a kayak a mountain bike or maybe even a cargo basket flat, black like the silver tray silver trim on the door handles.

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