2021 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 s

2021 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 s hey guys it's brian max again on moto man tv because our pal moto man is still recuperating and we do wish him a speedy recovery this is the second part the second episode of, that mercedes-amg global drive that moto man missed and here we are on angelus crest highway to test out this the 2020. Mercedes amg gle 63s all right let's uh let's try something from a stop i'm gonna launch this for you, guys and i'm not gonna do a launch control start just gonna do a little break stand oh yeah , okay that's fierce that's quick they say this does 0, to 60 and like 3.7 following that i don't doubt it at all and this, is exceptionally quick if there's anything you need to know about these new amgs particularly this gle or the gls.

It has to do with the powertrain and this eq boost this integrated starter generator that they've got sandwiched between the transmission and the engine really makes it straight off the top power output is the same as.

The gls. 63 from the 4 liter v8 comes 603 horsepower and the eq boost adds 21 horsepower under certain conditions for a total of 624 horsepower. The v8 makes big torque right out of the gate 627 pounds feet from 2500 to 4500 rpm more than respectable but under certain conditions the eq boost adds another, 184 pounds feet of torque for a whopping maximum 811 pounds feet. Of torque but that's not all the eq boost does it'll power the entire 48 volt electrical system even while the engine is off and the 48 volt electrical system gives the. Active anti-roll bars. Their ability to react quickly and more on that later by its nature the eq boost also does away with the traditional starter and alternator and as you know cars like this have that fuel saving, stop start function well on. Restarts it's nearly imperceptible i don't know if you can hear but the transmission shifts up and down the box very quickly and you know especially going down the box it does rev-match a little and, uh it's not too bad i thought that the gls was a, little crisper shifting but you know maybe i'm a little biased i'm expecting perhaps a little bit more out of this gle because you know it's got the, shorter wheelbase you know, it's easier to point into a turn and certainly a little more sporting in terms of its dynamics other than the size and total seats of, the gls and the gle the gle has one thing that the gls doesn't and that's active engine mounts they run soft for better nvh and comfort mode but. Will also firm up to give the gle the feeling that the powertrain is a touch more responsive and it, is even noticeable in the more sporting drive modes now what. Makes this visually distinctive as an amg beyond just the badging well there's a unique grille here that is specific to the gle.

63 as well as this lower fascia treatment here in this uh very large splitter of course there are the. Big wheels and the wheel arches those are kind of subtle so that i mean you'd be hard-pressed to tell that this. Was a real amg with just those wheel arches the side skirts as well there's a. New rear bumper with a diffuser treatment at the bottom i doubt.

That that actually works at any kind of speed and as well there are the amg sort of square oval exhaust tips there is one option package, that i would add and it's the night package which turns all of the silver and chrome trim into black and i think that would make. The shape of this look slightly less awkward i can throw it into race mode we're going. To talk about that and that firms up the suspension that's everything that you know that's the air suspension that's the dampers that is the active anti-roll. Bars and you, know this is an suv so it doesn't corner as flat as you know amg gt for example but it's not too bad you do feel it lean over a little bit but. That's active anti-roll bar system just works magically does keep it relatively flat what i do love about the short. Wheelbase is that you know it's just a little pointier than.

The gls and that's great it's a little more agile and you throw it through the corners a little bit easier however the compromise is ride, comfort and you know you're not going to be doing this kind of driving every single day but with, the gls the ride comfort was much better and that of course has to do with its significantly longer wheelbase that, said we've got sport plus sport comfort we can back it off to.

Individual and then we've got a slippery program and then the off-road trail and sand programs which we really don't want here so, i'm going to dial this back up to race again and we're back to having, fun well my friends it is that time for the options game this 2020. mercedes amg gle 63 s starts at 113 950 the lovely 896 code brilliant blue metallic paint is.

720 i'm hoping it's coming through this is stunning paint i'm.

Usually not a fan of blue on cars but this is very cool oh also just like the gls episode the amg macchiato beige black exclusive napa leather. Kind of sounds like something you'd order at starbucks is no charge the. High gloss gray linden i'm guessing that's the wood trim that's also no charge thanks amg carbon. Fiber engine cover and it's like it's a square foot of carbon fiber with an, amg logo you know you might open the hood and show your neighbors once or twice that's 1500 amg performance steering wheel.

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