2021 Toyota Harrier SUV

2021 Toyota Harrier SUV hey what is going on guys car feedback again bringing you guys another cool and exciting video and today I want to, talk about a Toyota SUV that isn't as popular or isn't well known in North America primarily due to the fact that it is not available there but. Nonetheless is a cool-looking SUV that kind of reminds me of a hybrid between Lexus RX midsize SUV and the Toyota rav4 that, we do have in North America and given that this SUV is called the Toyota Harrier, and we're seeing a next generation redesign of it surfacing before the Japanese debut and just before I actually, go into the new pieces of information that we have on the updated version just a little, bit of a brief overview of the Toyota Harrier SUV when it was actually revealed a 2014 Tokyo Auto Show it was one of the freshest models and Toyota's.

Japanese line up the new Harrier, SUV set went on sale in regular design a couple weeks at that time with a hybrid version to, follow the year after it had a prominent place in the brands 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon stand with two tuned additions as well the first being the Harrier sportivo concept that came courtesy of the. Team at Toyota Racing Development TRD for short which. Based it on the two wheel drive version adding a prototype lowered sport suspension a ground effects kit a new front grille 18-inch alloy wheels and a sports muffler the blue colored hair model ista, was based on the 149 horsepower. 2.0 litre petrol engine model with two wheel drive and a CVT with a dress-up content, he muting of protruding from apron side skirts rear apron 19-inch alloys tailgate spoiler and a chrome kit plus the use of LED lamps inside and a lowered suspension both studies will likely, end.

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